Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles: A Convenient Alternative

Have you considered getting braces, but didn’t want to spend months or even years in orthodontic appliances? Are you more concerned with having a smile that doesn’t cause embarrassment, or just needs a bit of tweaking for the confidence that you deserve?
Six Month Smiles might be the best accelerated orthodontic option for your smile!

Enjoy the Benefits of Six Month Smiles

Faster treatment with fewer appointments
Results in just six months or less
Cosmetic brackets that are more aesthetic
The ability to focus on the areas most important to you
gum disease

Don’t Trust Your Smile to Anybody

Getting braces, especially “fast” ones, is something you shouldn’t entrust to just any dental office. At Marco Prime Dental, our staff brings specialist level care to our family dental practice. This allows us to provide higher quality, more comprehensive treatments to our patients.
Schedule a complimentary consultation or get a free 2nd opinion about Six Months Smiles to find out if they’re right for you! Call us today.

What are Accelerated Braces?

Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth at the front of your smile, instead of your entire bite. All types of braces require systematic tooth movement, but because conventional treatments move the back teeth, they often take longer to see cosmetic results.
With Six Month Smiles, only your front teeth are corrected. This gives you faster, more dramatic results in less time. At our Marco Island office we are able to take specific teeth and rotate or move them in an efficient manner, so that the entire treatment takes about half of the time of conventional braces.

Cosmetic Brackets

If you’re not a fan of traditional looking braces, Six Month Smiles also comes in cosmetic clear bracket options. These white brackets blend in with your smile, so that they don’t stand out when you’re talking or laughing around other people.

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