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Are you looking for orthodontic care in Marco Island? We provide a higher level of orthodontic treatment to our patients, without your family having to travel between multiple offices.

Straighter teeth are about more than just aesthetics. Did you know that a straighter smile could help you reduce the risk of:

  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • Tooth decay and wear
  • Tooth loss

We provide a variety of braces to choose from. There’s something perfect for everyone and every age!

gum disease

Six Month Smiles

Would you prefer to straighten your front teeth for a better-looking smile? Six Month Smiles is an accelerated orthodontic treatment that moves your anterior teeth in a safe, efficient manner. It’s an economical way to improve your smile aesthetics without wearing full mouth braces for a year. Use them alone, or as part of a comprehensive smile makeover.

Invisalign Orthodontics

Invisible braces can give you the confidence and health that only a straight smile is capable of. Invisalign aligners allow us to gradually push your teeth into a straighter position without the use of brackets or wires. They’re perfect for both adults and teens. Plus, they’re removable for easy brushing, flossing, or enjoying your favorite snack. Wear each set of aligners for two weeks, and change them out in the convenience of your own home.

Traditional Braces

Choose between conventional, clear cosmetic, or even glow in the dark brackets! With traditional braces, we’re able to tackle more difficult bite conditions as well as straightforward treatment for our younger patients.

All of your orthodontic check-ups are performed right here at Marco Prime Dental. Plus, we accept most insurance plans! Financing options are also available. We invite you to call us to schedule a complimentary orthodontic evaluation, or free 2nd opinion.

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