Dental Bridges

Keep the Sparkle in Your Smile with a Dental Bridge

A missing tooth can be the source of embarrassment or loss of self-confidence. When a tooth is extracted or lost due to an emergency, the open space can give the rest of your smile the opportunity to start shifting out of place (even if you previously had orthodontic treatment.) Thankfully, dental bridges can protect your bite and preserve aesthetics.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Bridges are multiple-tooth restorations that have a non-functional crown suspended between two functional crowns. Each end is anchored onto a healthy tooth, supporting the “false” tooth that bridges the open space.

For more than one or two missing teeth, our Marco Island dentists may recommend placing your crown on top of dental implants.

dental bridges

The Treatment Process

Most bridge procedures require two visits to our office. At the first appointment, we’ll numb the area surrounding your supporting teeth, so that we can prep and shape them appropriately. After an impression is taken, we send the model of your teeth to our lab, where a custom bridge is created. About two weeks later, you’ll return for the permanent bridge to be anchored into place.

Depending on the teeth that are missing and location of your bridge, we may use ceramic or high noble metals to create your bridge.

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Destroy Your Smile

As soon as you’ve had a tooth pulled or knocked out, it’s vital to plan on how you’ll replace it. At Marco Prime Dental, we’re happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation to discuss which options are most appropriate for your individual smile. Whether it’s a bridge, implant, or Hybridge procedure will depend on your long or short-term smile goals.

No insurance? No problem. Convenient financing options are also available. Get the dental care you need without ever having to leave the island. Call Marco Prime Dental today to schedule your first visit with us.

When your smile is worn down or decayed, make it whole again with our restorative dental services.